Mindshop Excellence is designed to provide school’s with a no-cost, one week work experience program for Year 10 students. The first Mindshop Excellence Program ran in 1993 with a group of students from Caulfield Grammar School, Melbourne, Australia. Following the success of this pilot program, a further 77 students were involved in Mindshop Excellence in 1994 and this year also saw the first interstate program. In 1995, the Mindshop Educational Trust was established to coordinate these programs. It has since been experienced by over 3,000 students in Australia and more recently in the USA and UK. Industry is keen to work with schools in providing students a better understanding of work and its role in society. The traditional Mindshop Excellence platform is a one week employer hosted work experience program where the students act as a consultancy team to solve a real issue of concern to a host company. The students are trained in Mindshop personal and business problem solving tools and are shown how to apply the tools to the issue, reporting back to the company, the school and their parents on their final day of the program. This collaborative effort has seen some amazing solutions to many hundreds of issues.