The Facilitator plays a vital role in Mindshop Excellence as they are the catalyst that makes it work by providing the training in the Mindshop tools and processes on Day 1 of the program and acting as a mentor to the students during the week.

By generously donating your time for part of the week, you are helping a group of students to develop skills that will be valuable not only for the weeks project but life skills that will help in solving problems at all levels in their future. An added bonus is that you will test your own knowledge of the Mindshop Material and build confidence in presenting the tools.
 Mindshop will coordinate the students, the Host Company and provide support material however there are a number of roles the Facilitator plays throughout the week:
  • Providing Training on Day 1 of the program to the students
  • Be available by phone and email throughout the week to keep track of the groups progress and provide guidance (some Facilitators even go visit the group during the week)
  • Assist the group in preparing for the final presentation on the final day of the program
  • Present Certificates to group members at the conclusion of the final presentation
If you would like to become a Mindshop Excellence Facilitator, please click here to fill in the registration form. Rather than throw you in the deep end straight away, we will place you with an experienced Excellence Facilitator for your first program so you can see what is involved.