Host Companies
Mindshop Excellence is a fantastic opportunity to have a real issue addressed in your business by a fresh set of eyes. As the students learn and develop their skills, your company benefits with improvements that could increase growth and profit in your business. It’s also an opportunity to put something back into your community by assisting the next generation of workers.

The team from Mindshop Excellence will coordinate the students and provide a qualified Facilitator who will lead the training of the students on the first day of the program so there is very little time investment required from the host – all we need from you is the following: 
  • A current issue your company is facing that the students can work on (we can give you examples for inspiration)
  • A room for the students to work on their project for the week
  • Access to a laptop/computer and internet connection
  • Photocopier to print off their presentation and any notes
  • An allocated member of your team to be the groups point of call for the week for any questions and to provide safety and local knowledge about your business 
  • On the final day, students will need access to a projector to present their insightful findings to you, your team, the student’s parents and their teachers.
It is customary for employers to pay the standard Work Experience fees to each student of $5 per day. Some employers value the benefits of the student’s recommendations so much that they pay them more than the $25 per week.

As Mindshop Excellence is a Charitable Trust, any donations towards the future of our program are appreciated. If you’d like to learn more about being a Host for an Excellence Program, click here and fill out our registration form and someone from the Mindshop Excellence team will be in touch very soon.