Mindshop Excellence aims to provide you with a learning experience that is fun. As you enter a strange new company for the week with a group of peers, you’ll develop your skills in problem solving, team work and time management – all important life building skills that you can use continuously throughout your life. You’ll become a company ‘executive’ for the week and give your host company a practical and innovative plan to address the issue they have given you to work on for the week. It’s a fantastic insight into how companies operate and how they deal with issues or opportunities on a daily basis. The best part of the week is presenting all your findings to your peers, teachers, parents and host company on the final day of the program.

- Requirements:
  • Present yourself in attire suitable to the environment in which you will be working 
  • Be prepared to bring your lunch and snacks with you
  • Come with an open mind – ready for a fun and challenging week! 

To get involved, you should either click here to fill in a registered interest form or speak to your School’s Career Advisor. If you are unable to get a program started at your school, we can give you free online access to complete the Mindshop Excellence Online Learning Course which steps you through all the tools you would learn in a typical work experience week.