Tools Used
Mindshop has over 150 Tools that can be used for personal development and to improve the profit and growth of all businesses. Throughout the Mindshop Excellence program, groups discover that by applying a PROCESS to the issue they are currently facing, this helps to stimulate new ideas and simple solutions.

 On Day 1 of the Excellence Programs, Groups are taught a number of key tools they will find useful when undertaking their project with their use.

Examples of these tools are:

Mindmapping is one of the simplest, yet most powerful tools a person can use. It is designed to help organise ideas by utilising a technique that allows you to capture the natural flow of your thinking. It is a simple brain dumping process that helps stimulate new ideas and connections. It starts in the centre of the page with the main idea and works outward in all directions, producing a growing and organised structure composed of key words and key images.

The Decision Matrix is used whenever a decision needs to be made regarding which option to take. This tool passes the decision making process through a selection filter where different factors impacting on the decision such a cost, time, and level of fun are weighted differently depending on which factors are most important to you. After ranking all your options over your determined factors, the option with the highest score is the winner!


The Force Field Analysis is one of the most important problem solving tools you can use to develop HOW action plans in your one page plan. Issues always have unseen forces that push them towards a positive solution or push them away to make the issue worse. The Force field forces you to think carefully of the things you can do to DOUBLE the positive forces and things you can do to HALVE the negative forces.


The One Page Plan is a practical way to prepare a summarised overview of the current situation in relation to the issue you have been given by your Mindshop Excellence Host Company. On the one page it records where you are now in relation to your current issue, where you’d like to be and the strategies/actions you will take to get there. You can also select who is responsible for an action and when they need to be done by. A simple tool used by Businesses globally.