Chris Mason
Founder and Chairman of Mindshop International

Chris is the founder of Mindshop which means he has been part of Mindshop longer than anyone except Julie! His claim to fame is that he is good at the Mindshop tools. Chris has been a student all of his life and he has a degree in business and a PhD in industrial/organisational psychology.

Julie Mason
Mindshop Excellence Coordinator


Julie has been involved in the coordination of the Mindshop Excellence Program for over 15 years. Her role includes liaising with Schools, Facilitators and Host Organizations and establishing strategic alliances with various Industry Groups and Educational Networks. As a member of the Mindshop Educational Trust Board, she is also actively involved in the design and development of Excellence Training Manuals, CD's, Website and Marketing material. Her interest in photography ensures that an accurate record of all Excellence workshops is continually updated in Newsletters and Websites.

Harry Kras

Harry Kras is an Accredited Mindshop Facilitator and Family Business Advisor who works with successful family businesses to help them use the power of the family to maximise the family’s business opportunities. He has been a member of the Mindshop Excellence Board since its formation, and run Excellence programs since 1996. ‘Excellence programs give me an enormous buzz. Seeing the incredible results that a group of school age consultants can achieve in 5 days is truly awe inspiring’ says Harry. As well as running traditional Excellence programs, Harry has also run programs at Special Schools for students with physical and intellectual disabilities which he has described as ‘a life changing experience’. Harry enjoys playing tennis, walking, reading and in a moment of madness, tandem sky diving.

Suzanne Carey

Sue Carey is a careers counsellor working in a consulting capacity across a wide range of schools. She has worked in careers education for over 20 years and has been involved with Mindshop Excellence for 18 years. She loves guiding young people in their career journey and promotes any opportunity for self discovery. She is passionate about keeping fit and healthy and loves yoga, tennis, golf, travel and food.

Greg Humphries

In corporate life, Greg was a global IT executive with over 30 years experience in the leadership of enterprise systems across the US, Asia and Europe. Now an independent IT consultant specialising in strategy and organisational effectiveness. Greg has been involved in facilitating Excellence programs since 2012 and has been amazed and inspired by the students enthusiasm to learn the Mindshop tools and their un-blinkered approach to seeking solutions. With special interests in diversity, process and planning he looks forward to working with the other leaders of the Excellence Trust to ensure the success of the program for years to come. Greg squeezes his consulting and Excellence roles in between his passion for cars, music and wine.

Cameron Geddes

Cameron is a Business Advisor and an Accredited Mindshop Facilitator. His main focus is working with identified future leaders within an organization and mentoring them as they progress towards more senior leadership positions. Cameron has spent many years working with students and new graduates as a mentor in his previous career as a physiotherapist. He really enjoys helping young people achieve their potential by showing them how to harness the skills they are often unaware they possess.

Emily Splatt

After obtaining a Bachelor of Social Science in 2004, Emily joined the family business to help over a thousand Mindshop members around the world to achieve greater success. Back in 1998, Emily participated in an Excellence Program with Caulfield Grammar School so understands how rewarding the week long program is. When not at Mindshop, Emily’s passion is in travelling and spending time with her young family and friends and has recently completed an MBA.

Sue White

Sue White is Head of Careers at St Kevin’s College, Toorak. She has worked as a Careers Practitioner in a variety of school settings over the past 13 years and is passionate about providing young people with the resources, programs and personal resilience to make informed career pathway decisions. Sue juggles her family of 5 children aged from 17 to 24, her full time role at St Kevin’s and her other interests which include walking, reading, sport, travel and socialising with friends.

Peter O'Donnell

Peter is the Executive Director of Southern Cross Farms where his responsibility lies with Strategy Development, Investor Liaison and Acquisitions. Peter is also involved in many community organisations. This includes being a member for the finance committee of the Mildura Specialist School, Director of Mildura Airports Pty Ltd and Board member of MASP. Additionally, he is co-founder of the Kokoda Youth Leadership Program. He is also a coach of football and basketball teams in his spare time. Peter is married to Andrea and has three children - Jack, Will and Kate.